Réaltra has built on the experience of its staff to both ruggedize and integrate COTS electronics using in-house & licensed technologies for applications in the space environment. Our experienced team have a full range of the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to design, develop and deliver high performance space electronics hardware solutions for safe and reliable operation in the extreme conditions of launcher and space missions from LEO to Deep Space.


Réaltra is licensed to manufacture and sell the KAM-500 range of innovative data acquisition systems designed by the ACRA business unit of Curtiss-Wright corporation. This provides a rugged and highly versatile solution for your launcher and space mission data acquisition and multiplexing requirements.


Réaltra is developing a range of rad tolerant and rad hard, yet cost effective, modules for a variety of tasks on board satellites such as payload interfacing.


Réaltra is developing a range of innovative avionics systems to provide a reliable and highly versatile solutions for human spaceflight applications from sub-orbital, crew transport and orbital platforms like the ISS.