Réaltra engages with a network of trusted partners, industry leaders, Government bodies and centres of excellence in key areas of knowledge in order to deliver on its mission to provide state of the art electronic engineering solutions for space applications. We have already achieved international recognition as a technological company offering technical excellence, flexibility, quality and customer-oriented innovation.




“Enterprise Ireland has a key role in the growth of an agile space-active enterprise sector in Ireland and provides a range of supports to space-active companies at various stages of development. Réaltra’s success reflects the current high level of technical innovation in Irish industry, which is helping to build capability and capacity in the space sector here. We wish Réaltra every success in its goal to become the world’s leading provider of electronic systems for the growing commercial ‘NewSpace’ market, in particular for low-cost launch vehicles and satellite constellations.”
Dr Bryan Rodgers, Irish ESA Delegation, Enterprise Ireland.