Réaltra Space Systems Engineering is a division of Realtime Technologies Ltd., based in Dublin, Ireland. Réaltra provides dedicated design & development engineering expertise for space electronics systems combined with Realtime’s proven manufacturing capability for space applications.
Réaltra is the Irish word for Galaxy and at the core of our company is an exceptional team of people who consistently deliver excellence through a commitment to innovation, attention to detail, flexibility to adapt and respond to our customers’ evolving needs and a dedication to quality.
The enhanced combination of engineering design and production of spacecraft electronics equipment available in Réaltra enables our customers to meet the challenging technical and cost constraints across a wide range of commercial and non-commercial space missions.
We have built the reputation of Réaltra based on the core principles of;
Innovative Design
Technical Excellence
Quality Processes
Exceptional Support


Réaltra Space Systems Engineering is a Division of Realtime Technologies Ltd., a wholly Irish privately owned company, with more than 50 employees and based in Dublin. Realtime was founded in 1996 by Paddy White as a high-end electronic systems contract manufacturer and the Réaltra Division was formed in 2017 by CEO Paddy White, CTO Diarmuid Corry and CCO Danny Gleeson. The Réaltra Division presently has a core team of 10 employees and Realtime Technologies currently holds AS9100 Rev D. & ISO13485-2016 Quality Accreditations.
Realtime Technologies has manufactured, integrated, and tested the electronic boards for the data acquisition systems for a wide range of past and future space missions since 2006, including;

Launch vehicles: SpaceX Falcon 9, Vega-C, Ariane 5 and Ariane 6

Re-entry spacecraft: SpaceX Dragon, Space Shuttle and IXV (Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle) and Boeing CST-100

Space Station: ALCS (Advanced Closed Loop System – part of life support system on ISS) and PLDR (PayLoad Data Router – a microgravity measurement payload for COLUMBUS module).

Sub-Orbital vehicles: SpaceShipTwo & VSS Unity Spaceplanes


Paddy White
Paddy WhiteChief Executive Officer
Paddy is a co-founder and CEO of Réaltra, a division of Realtime Technologies Ltd. that he founded in 1996. He has more than 40 years’ leadership experience in the global electronics sector in both multi-national and small company environments.
Diarmuid Corry
Diarmuid CorryChief Technical Officer
Diarmuid is a co-founder and CTO of Réaltra who has more than 30 years’ experience as a technical creative force responsible for the development of commercially successful innovative electronic systems for the aerospace and space sector.
Danny Gleeson
Danny GleesonChief Commercial Officer
Danny is a co-founder and CCO of Réaltra who has more than 30 years’ experience in both technical and business development roles in the space sector. He is responsible for the commercial strategy and growth of the company as well as the primary interface with customers.


Michael Martin
Michael MartinEngineering Manager
Michael is responsible for the management of all engineering activities in Réaltra. He has more than 40 years’ experience in the space sector and other industries, including Maynooth University and the ESA technical centre at ESTEC, working on space instrumentation projects.
Jonathan Rodgers
Jonathan RodgersSenior Systems Engineer
Jonathan holds a masters degree in electrical, electronics, and communications engineering from the Queens University Belfast. He worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team to undertake research and development at Thales as a graduate engineer followed by a role in Ford Motor Company as electronics project engineer.
Eibhlin Laffan-Downes
Eibhlin Laffan-Downes Systems Engineer
Eibhlin’s background is in physics technology. She is also a graduate of the MSc in Space Science and Technology from UCD. Her focus in Réaltra is the manufacture and testing of space hardware. Her projects range from ground support equipment to deep space projects.
Aaron O'Grady
Aaron O'GradyProduct Manager
Aaron’s background is in experimental physics with an MSc in Space Science and Technology from UCD. His focus in Réaltra is on evaluation and qualification of projects including human spaceflight, launchers & space science.
Peter Reynolds
Peter ReynoldsSystems Engineer
Peter’s background is in experimental physics with technology and an MSc in Space Science and Technology from UCD. His focus in Réaltra is on the development of test systems for the system engineering of new space products.
James Murphy
James MurphySystems Software Engineer
James’ background is in experimental physics with technology and an MSc in Space Science and Technology from UCD. His focus in Réaltra is on developing the flight and ground software for the Ariane 6 video telemetry kit.
Niamh Mc Dermott
Niamh Mc DermottSystem Engineer
Niamh graduated with a BSc in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Galway. Niamh’s previous experience is in optical engineering for space satellites which took place at STFC’s RAL Space. Niamh works as a systems engineer at Réaltra.
Leslie Pen
Leslie PenHardware Engineer
Leslie graduate with a BSc in Electronics and Communications Engineering and is experienced in Hardware, PCB Design Layout in R&D, Automotive and Manufacturing Industry. Leslie works as an Electronic Systems Engineer in Realtra.
Carlos Sarille Cadenas
Carlos Sarille CadenasSystems Engineer
Carlos holds a MSc in Space Techniques and Instrumentation. He has experience in projects related to electronics design and communication systems architecture, as well as data processing and RF systems simulation.
Daniel Kelly
Daniel KellySystem Engineer Intern
Daniel is a Mechatronic Engineering Student at Dublin City University and is currently working at Réaltra as a Systems Engineering Intern.





“We entrusted Réaltra with the design and development of an equipment that plays a fundamental role in the spacecraft power distribution system. We did so after careful evaluation of their capabilities and the quality of the technical solution they proposed. We look forward to a successful cooperation.” 
Andrea Sacchetti, PLATO spacecraft manager, OHB System AG